E-com, the War and the Future

E-com, the War and the Future

We had two vivid cases of successful e-com campaigns covered in the previous articles, and now it is time to add more details to the overall picture for other businesses to use such examples in their business processes.

Psychoanalytical vision is a smart start here. Why? It’s easy: the vision leads to success, not simply actions and decisions made. To be more precise, success is possible when one relies their decisions and actions on holistic and constructive vision. Namely, vision of the future of our country and businesses as a key part of the national economy is needed at the given stage.

Ukraine is now strongly established in the Hero archetype. There are diverse shades of the given archetype activated in 2022, namely, the Defender, the Warrior, etc. The ultimate value embedded in the given archetype is Freedom. Integrity, justice and equity are other leading values of the current page of Ukrainian history and its near future. Contemporary businesses that are aware of this vision and perceive the changes inside the country employ this knowledge and benefit from it. For instance, there are diverse types of cooperation and novel product lines that align to some extent with the aforementioned archetype and major values the Ukrainians identify themselves with nowadays. In such a way, product lines and service offers not only employ the energy of the leading archetype, but also provide their target audience with what they – either consciously, or subconsciously – need. Due to that, both the value of the offer and the demand for it keep increasing. Moreover, loyalty and recognition of the brand along with its popularity and impact in the niche also grow, which is vitally important during the war time. To crown it all, e-com provides all that is needed to promote relation of the business to the national archetype, and connection can form rather quickly – even in case the brand is fresh and new.

Some examples of building such a connection with Hero archetype via e-com: Implementation of the leading values in promotional campaign or brand image via promotional text, company’s motto, or Stories in Instagram. Use of symbols and ‘iconic’ phrases – but with proper references and context only, of course. Any kind of creative and commercial cooperation that uses storytelling and allusion to the archetype, its current actualization, and national history. One of the less direct, yet potentially effective options in the given context is joining the archetype of Hero in your niche and using it without transparent allusions, yet as an independent and holistic story. People perceive the story and values behind it, so it is expected to work as well. Nonetheless, the story should be indeed authentic, complete and relevant for relating to it for the target audience. The latter is especially essential, since in case one sells yoga mats or luxury items, it might be destructive for the brand itself to use such a story for promotion.

More useful info coming soon, stay tuned.