Progressive Web Application

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Convenience that you will appreciate long-term!

Progressive Web Apps technology allows websites to behave like a mobile application, and it is an absolute must-have for e-commerce. The benefits are obvious: constant communication with a potential customer from any device, 24/7 interaction, save money and time, receive push notifications instantly.

Business benefits:

• progressive web apps work on any platform. You do not need to invest in new solutions for each platform

• allows you to reach out to the maximum number of users, regardless of their devices

• progressive solution takes up little memory, works without the Internet, loads quickly

• a user receives an offer to install PWA during the first visit to the site

In practice, the creation of PWA means falling into a zone of lower competition. When you build a mobile business app for iOS or Android, you're competing with two million solutions already created.

Progressive web apps support the ability to convert users from search engines or social media pages. Your chances of being noticed increase significantly.

The speed, reliability, and quality of PWA have already been evaluated by:

• Ali Express
The world retail giant increased the user average time on site by a user by 74%.

• Forbes
The media resource received over 12% of new readers.

• Pinterest
User engagement soared by 60%.

• Tinder
The page load speed dropped from 12 to 4.69 seconds using PWA.

• Best Western River North Hotel
Profits skyrocketed by 300%.

• Twitter
The PWA app takes up three times less space than the mobile app for iOS and Android.

• Trivago
Push-notifications bring back their users and encourage them to perform the target action 150% more effectively.

• Treebo
4x conversion growth.

Today, in the e-commerce segment, the PWA ratio amounts to 40 out of 100 applications, which means great prospects to attract the maximum target audience and make interaction with sales leads more efficiently.

A business that invests in cutting-edge solutions gets great benefits and opens up new opportunities.