Connection with the Customer is a New Currency in E-com

Connection with the Customer is a New Currency in E-com

E-com is no longer a process of selling something to the customer - well, that has been obvious for quite a long time now. What is it then? Building a relationship, naturally. And what is a crucial element and a key to success in a relationship? Yep, you are right: it is a connection, a spark, a so-called chemistry element that draws two parties together and keeps them so for a while.

The connection begins with proper understanding of the target audience expected to interact with the company. The portrait of your target audience gives a lot, and not only for a starting point of relationships. For instance, knowledge about the portrait of your target customer allows the company not only to align the offer with their needs and priorities, but also to bring novel trends to the market and promote new tendencies. Customers appreciate such an attitude since it gives them a sense of novelty and sensations of their implicit desires and not so obvious preferences being recognised and folded into a ready product or service. The latter is a «magic trick» - and popular (plus profitable!) companies play with their customers, and customers really like it.

One more crucial step in forming a proper connection with the customer is creation of activities that give customers the sensation of belonging. Actually, this is the sensation every person strives to bring into their life and stick to it in order to be identified and associated with a group of people, a brand, a community, a particular person or a ritualistic pattern. In such a way, people actualise their socially related needs and the need for recognition and being a part of something bigger, if spoken in plain words. Based on that, activities can (and should) be diverse - starting with branded items and creation of online communities up to collaborations and surveys.

Along with such, connection is formed during a course of time (rarely - immediately), which means you’ll need a strategy and patience to get you through this process. Connection also implies flexibility and transformations that are especially relevant nowadays, when trends and values tend to go in whirl and demand if not an instant response, then for sure - a creative and innovative solution instead.

The benefits of properly formed and effectively maintained connection with customers are evident and precious - loyalty, returning customers, high level of demand and recognition on the market. Stay tuned for more coming soon.