E-commerce platform

The customer: TSUM, the main retailer of luxury brand clothing, offering a wide range of world-class brands.

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This client needed to support its brick-and-mortar store Au Pont Rouge by launching an e-commerce website integrated with their corporate systems

Our Solution

CodeAstrum team delivered a Magento-based online fashion Store, covering each step of searching and purchasing fashion items.

The solution was also integrated with 1C ERP solution, Master Data Management, and CRM system. Our team employed JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS in order to build a visually-appealing and user-friendly interface.

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TSUM result image TSUM result image
  • Optimized the backend in the catalog up to 80%
  • Developed graphQL API for mobile APPs
  • Implemented CRM system
  • Updated site version to the up-to-date one
  • Completed transition to the latest versions of php, mysql, elasticsearch

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