Helen Marlen

E-commerce platform

The customer:

HELEN MARLEN, a prestigious luxury retailer boasting a portfolio of 300+ luxury fashion brands
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Client Overview:

HELEN MARLEN, a prestigious luxury retailer boasting a portfolio of 300+ fashion brands, such as Gucci, Burberry, Loro Piana, etc.

Client's Initial Situation:

HELEN MARLEN operated on a custom Magento platform catering to an extensive list of fashion brands. The challenges included the need for scalability, customization for each brand, and improving transparency and predictability while reducing technical debt.

Our Solution

codeAstrum devised a comprehensive strategy to address HELEN MARLEN's challenges:

  • Thorough Code Review:

    Conducted an in-depth code review to identify areas for improvement, optimization, and elimination of technical debt
  • Technology Uplift for Backend and Frontend:

    Executed a technology uplift to enhance the performance and capabilities of both backend and frontend components of the platform.
  • PHP Version Upgrade:

    Transferred all existing projects to the latest version of PHP, ensuring compatibility with modern technologies and security standards.
  • Continuous Delivery Process:

    Implemented a continuous delivery process to streamline development workflows, ensuring faster and more reliable releases.
  • Communication and Project Management Optimization:

    Optimized communication channels and project management processes for efficient collaboration and execution.
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  • Successful Migration to Magento 2:

    Migrated from a self-written system to Magento and then to Magento 2, ensuring a modern and scalable foundation for future growth.
  • Large-Scale Data Import:

    Successfully imported 500,000 goods and 10,000 clients into the upgraded platform.
  • CRM Integration and ERP Development:

    Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and developed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for streamlined operations.
  • iOS Mobile Application Development:

    Developed an iOS mobile application to enhance the customer shopping experience.
  • Loyalty Program Implementation:

    Implemented and connected a Loyalty program to drive customer retention and engagement.
  • Marketplace Collaboration:

    Collaborated with external suppliers for the creation of a marketplace, expanding the product offerings.
  • Seamless Integration of Apple Pay:

    Integrated Apple Pay seamlessly into the platform for convenient and secure transactions.
  • Backend Optimization:

    Achieved a threefold efficiency increase through backend optimization measures.

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