Helen Marlen

E-commerce platform

The customer: HELEN MARLEN, one of the biggest retailer of luxury brand clothing

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Our client had a custom Magento-based platform for 300+ fashion brands. They needed a partner to help scale up their core system, which had to be customized for each client. They also needed more transparency and predictability in their processes and, thus, reduction of technical debt.

Our Solution

CodeAstrum introduced code review, conducted technology uplift of the solution's backend and frontend, and transferred all existing projects to the latest version of PHP. We also set up the continuous delivery process, and optimized communication and project management.

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More than 3 years of successful work with this customer. The team of 8-13 experts involved in project, including develops, testing, frontend and backend specialists.

  • Success site migration from a self-written system to Magento, made an import of 500K goods and 10k clients
  • Connected CRM & developed EPR in it
  • Developed a mobile application for iOS
  • Developed and connected the Loyalty program
  • Collaboration with external suppliers  for creation of a marketplace
  • Integration of Apple Pay
  • Optimization of backend 3 times 
  • Increase of monthly turnover from 500 K to 900K $  Average invoice per IT services is 30-40k $ 

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